About Shayma Furniture

Shayma Furniture designs manufacture, and imports compact hardwood furniture.  We work thoroughly to maintain a strong dedication to quality, safety, as well as the environment, designing each of our items with sustainability in mind. Our integrated collections hold a diversity of today’s lifestyles, bringing eternal beauty and ceaseless value to every customer’s home and office.

Our special high build, refined finishing procedure makes a superior product that is both water and scrape resistant. All of our products are verified to be lead-free in addition to child-safe through severe independent testing that confirms government safety guidelines are met, and in most cases surpassed. We are dedicated in our efforts to sustainability and environmental accountability through the production of ecological furnishings.

We are honored to offer quality products to homes and offices around the world. This is achieved by maintaining relationships with both brick-and-mortar and online retailers, strengthened by the brilliant client support we offer to both consumers and partners. Shayma Furniture is delighted to support our local community over services and charitable contributions.

Service has always been our most significant ingredient over the years, always recalling that pleasing our clients has been accountable for our success and longevity. In brief, we make great furniture that we would generally love to have in our offices and homes.

We celebrate uniqueness and we take design earnestly. We are curators. Our purpose is to motivate you and help you make the look you want, making your voyage as easy as possible along the way. We trust that great design must be available to all.

Our low-pressure sales approach permits our clients to shop at their leisure without the feeling that somebody is constantly watching over their shoulder. To put it another method, we can certainly offer you a one on one detail-oriented sales experience -otherwise- we can respect that you may just want to walk over our gorgeous showroom with your dreams and thoughts.

Either way, we want your shopping experience to be one that you look back on with affection and look onward to again in the future.

Over the years, Shayma Furniture has maintained a promise to excellence and value for the consecutive generations of families we have served. Our clients have gratefulness for elegant workmanship for a rational price and have returned repeatedly with their kids, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. We are grateful for their dedication to our belief in quality.

We trust that taking care of the environment is global accountability.  We are dedicated to making environment-friendly products by using sustainable resources. We are loyal to making products for our customers that meet all their requirements and needs without compromising the safety of our atmosphere. With our business associates, we create pioneering products that have high strength and durability.

Our severe compliance with global quality standards will confirm that your necessities will always be met. We at Shayma Furniture will continue to develop on product quality and design while highlighting cost-control, client service, and flexible business approaches that will toughen our partnership, together with soaring to superior heights in the kingdom of furniture products.

We strive to offer sophisticated furniture products at better prices, quality plus delivery time. The consequences are virtually outside your anticipations, giving you excellent satisfaction that is just our commitment. Our highly-capable technical team delivers customized service to our customers from the design stage to the after-sales service. They work with each customer to recognize their project objects, make knowledgeable commendations, make quotes, technical diagrams, and budgets. Our range of greatly engineered products is made and assembled in our advanced facility underneath a severe quality-controlled atmosphere. When working with us, you could rest assured that the product you obtain is of high-quality workmanship.

At Shayma Furniture

We work through every aspect at the planning


Our Mission

Our mission is to generate value for our clients through Reliability as well as Flexibility. We want our clients to experience warmness and comfort by Trust and Respect.

And we want our customers to use good quality products to make their lives easier.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading global furniture manufacturer proposing innovative and grander quality products.

This statement reflects our purpose and expectancy for the future, motivating factors that drive us onward in providing the greatest value-for-money products along with the best service in the business, right from design to delivery.


Our philosophy is to bring long-lasting value and quality to our clients, employees, associates, community, as well as the environment. We offer a wide range of high-grade products that are designed to meet our customer’s customized requirements.

We achieve this by:

  • Manufacturing best products that benefit our end user
  • Cooperating with our partners to generate inventive solutions
  • Seeking positive feedback from our clients to help meet our sustainability objectives and meet their growing needs
  • Working in a socially responsible way
  • Educating and authorizing our workforces